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3 Magic Shots 1.0 Free for iOS - 3 Different App Deals Listed Every Day

Feb 12, 2013 - Indie developer Robin Srivastava today introduces 3 Magic Shots 1.0 free for iOS, his app that offers users 3 great app deals daily. Exclusive deals are paid apps that are available free for only one day. Featured Paid deals are high quality paid apps available for purchase. Featured Free deals are free apps worthy of recognition. Users of 3MS score large cash savings by downloading paid apps that are free for one day. 3MS also provides App Trends, Stats Recommendations, and a Coverage Timeline.

Munch Time goes Free in partnership with 3 Magic Shots

Feb 02, 2013 - 3 Magic Shots has grabbed another App Store top charter. Munch Time is turning free for a day in partnership with 3 Magic Shots. Featured as the Game of the Week by Apple, Munch Time is a family-friendly puzzle game split across 40 levels, all of which will task you with swinging on multi-colored flowers with the game's protagonist, Munch the chameleons', Gene Simmons-esque tongue. 3 Magic Shots is a Groupon for Apps and an App Discovery Service.

Unknown Orbit Goes Free in Alliance with 3 Magic Shots

Jan 30, 2013 - 3 Magic Shots 1.0 has grabbed another biggie. Unknown Orbit, which got glorious reviews from the reviewers, touting it to be the 3d Tiny Wings of the App Store, is turning free for a day in partnership with 3 Magic Shots. 3 Magic Shots is a Groupon for Apps and an App Discovery Service. They bring awesome top Paid Apps to their platform for free for a day and provide users with some amazing tools/trending analysis to have them decide if they want the app, and an opportunity to have it for free.

3 Magic Shots launches App Discovery / Deals App for App Store

Jan 08, 2013 - 3 Magic Shots launches their awesome App Discovery service for iOS. Rediscover the App Store and find apps that are hidden gold which can be downloaded to your devices for free. 3 Magic Shots features three amazing apps daily: Premium, Paid and Free, the team of 3 Magic Shots work with several developers constantly to bring you quality paid apps that are made free for a limited time. It provides access to teasers, ranking as well as a sharing system to help the users decide for themselves.

Rocket Downloader Arrives to the App Store at 100 Gs

Dec 20, 2012 - 3 Magic Shots today is please to introduce Rocket Free Music Downloader | Media Grabber & Download Manager. It has seamless experience of a browser, music player, download manager, file manager, firefox sync, drop box, media grabber, slide to play feature (seamlessly listen to music while surfing), unzip / unrar functionality, accelerating downloads and more. Rocket Download Manager is amazingly fast, feature rich and has a stunning UI. Rocket can intercept & grab almost all iOS playable media.