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Zero G - Space Gem Puzzle Game for iOS Devices

Mar 12, 2016 - Carl Topham announce Zero G 1.4 for iOS Devices. Zero G is a fun gem based puzzle game where players use their skills to match gems before the tiles are all full. As gems are matched the combo multipliers increase allowing for bigger score to be achieved. Special gems allow players to explode more space gems, for more points and even bigger combos. The longer the player plays, the more types of space gem become available, with bigger points attached.

On a budget for iOS

Jan 10, 2013 - The Tappy App Co. is proud to announce the updated On a Budget for iOS. 'On a budget' is a simple app for summarising your financial situation. It's designed to help you get on top of your money and take control of your bank balance. All those small things add up massively over the year and bigger one off purchases actually work out smaller than expected. By adding all your transactions and letting 'On a Budget' do the maths you'll soon see can see where your money goes.