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Animated Book for Developers on iOS Storyboards new from The Editors Cut

Feb 12, 2013 - Every iOS app consists of what we see on the screen and how we transition to different content. These two fundamental ideas are captured in iOS storyboards as scenes and segues. iOS Storyboards is a concise guide to working with storyboards to create iOS apps. This book contains more than just descriptive prose and static code. You'll also find movies, scrollable code listing, animated code builds, a ton of screen shots, and even graphic-novel style walkthroughs.

Pragmatic Bookshelf releases beta of Beginning Mac Programming book

Sep 18, 2009 - Beginning Mac Programming is aimed at beginning developers without prior programming experience. It takes them through concrete, working examples, giving them the core concepts and principles of development in context so they will be ready to build the applications they've been imagining. It introduces them to Objective-C and the Cocoa framework in clear, easy-to-understand lessons, and demonstrates how they can use them together to write for the Mac, as well as the iPhone and iPod.

The Pragmatic Programmers release beta of iPhone 3.0 Programming book

Jun 17, 2009 - The Pragmatic Programmers today released iPhone SDK Development, a beta of their book for developers interested in targeting the iPhone 3.0 SDK. The "iPhone SDK Development" book contains more than 50 sample programs for iPhone SDK 3.0, along with explorations of the big picture, and an eye to the little details that programmers need. "iPhone SDK Development" goes beyond basic developer docs to help developers succeed on today's most popular mobile application platform.