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Icontest - Guess the word free game

Jun 08, 2013 - Icontest is a new free app released by Plunge Interactive and now available on the iTunes store. Icontest blends trivia knowledge with a fun variation on the traditional Hangman game play. Each round presents you with a picture image clue and a pool of letters. Using the letters, the player must guess the word from the picture clue. Categories range from movies and TV shows to comic book characters to cities and countries.

Escape the maze: Time killer puzzle game

May 14, 2013 - There are some games, maybe because of their simplicity or maybe because its addicting gameplay, you can't stop playing as soon as you have some minutes for relax. Escape the maze is one of those games. Its simple easy to understand mechanics and addictive gameplay all on many different levels that provide constant variation and new experiences to the player. The game, that is free, features 30 levels and more to come, that guarantee several hours of top fun.

Three Little Pigs: Learn While Playing for iPad - free

Mar 29, 2013 - Plunge Interactive is proud to introduce The Three Little Pigs: Learn while playing 1.0 for iPad. This traditional tale and all its values have been updated into a motivating and fun application for the youngest members of the family. This story allows children to interact with the three characters and their surroundings, discovering a world full of stimuli and fun. This type of application promotes interaction between parents and children and develops creativity and fine psychomotor skills.

Ragdoll Charlie 1.2 Free for iOS: Flying/Physics Based Vertical Scroller

Feb 06, 2013 - Plunge Interactive today introduces Ragdoll Charlie 1.2 free for iOS, its flying- physics-based vertical scroller with responsive tilt control. Players launch Ragdoll Charlie slingshot-style straight up, and then his rocket boots fire. With skyscrapers in the background, he must collect diamond coins and friends floating inside bubbles, while avoiding falling birds, meteorites, and spinning spiral obstacles. Controlling the ragdoll can be challenging, since flying left swings his feet right.

Pixel Colors 1.1 Free for iOS - Retro, Bit-Map, Puzzle/Strategy Game

Jan 18, 2013 - Plunge Interactive today announces Pixel Colors 1.1 for iOS, an update to its retro game application that features vivid colored pixels. The goal of the game is to turn the entire playing board completely one color. Players start changing the color of the block in the upper left hand corner using the colored panels at the bottom of the screen so it matches the surrounding squares, until the entire screen is one color. The game offers 500 levels that increase in difficulty.