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DICOM Converter streams images to your phone from Google Drive

Feb 05, 2014 - Motion Reboot today introduces Dicom Converter 1.0 for iOS, an app that converts DICOMs to images you can view on your mobile device. Physicians, technicians, or patients upload their DICOM scans to Google Drive, then download images to their phone. DICOM images are the standard method for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in the medical field. With medical images on mobile devices, physicians may be able to more easily collaborate and share cases for internal consulting.

Disector 2.0 for iOS - Research App Enables Mobile Image Analysis

Aug 06, 2013 - Motion Reboot today announces Disector 2.0 for iOS, an update to its innovative app that does unbiased stereology on sliced, 2D, biomedical images. The app incorporates 5 functions, calculating the following 2D & 3D measurements from 2D images: Volume, Surface Area, Perimeter, Density, and Total Number of Objects. Image analysts, teachers, and researchers simply import the images of slices and a scale bar, trace the contours, and tap a few objects in the region of interest.