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Air Display app turns your tablet or smart phone into a second screen

Mar 19, 2013 - A killer mobile app to enhance productivity for creative and design teams, photographers, video production teams, or anyone needing multiple screens, Air Display instantly turns your tablet or smart phone into a second screen for designing, lighting, writing, coding, calculating and more. Air Display's performance is extremely responsive, employing a unique dynamic compression algorithm. Tight deadlines met, organization and productivity soar, clutter disappears.

Air Login lets you access any file on your Mac from your iOS device

Mar 13, 2013 - Avatron's Air Login is a wireless remote login app for the mobile productivity you need to get your work done brilliantly, fast, and in time. Air Login enables you to access all of your files, apps and programs on your Mac from your iOS mobile device, wirelessly by remote login. Need to adjust a real estate quote from the field but you left the doc on your office Mac? With Air Login, you can access your spreadsheet at your desk from your car, edit and get on with the presentation.

Avatron Launches Air Login to Speed Files on Your Mac to Your iOS Device

Jan 30, 2013 - Resolve to work smarter in the new year? Avatron Software's newest mobile productivity app, Air Login, lets you work with any file or app residing on your Mac from your iOS device - anytime and anywhere. Realize you forgot to update your client logo on the PowerPoint while waiting in their lobby to present? Air Login allows you to access the file from your Mac at home or office and update the presentation from your iPad. Be more productive and work smarter with Avatron's suite of mobile apps.