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Dailies Creator for OS X: User friendly, fast and secure dailies on iPad

Apr 02, 2015 - Drylab R&D is pleased to announce Dailies Creator 2.3 for Mac OS X. Creator is part of an integrated system for distributing digital dailies, successfully used by film & TV drama productions all over the world. Now, the DIT can provide the DP, producer, director, script supervisor, & others with Retina display ready dailies viewable on their own specially configured iPads. The convenience & security of the Drylab Dailies system is far superior to the DVDs, hard disks, FTP passwords, and emails.

Cam Report 3.0 for iPhone and Pod touch - Create Reports While Filming

Oct 22, 2013 - Oslo-based company, Drylab R&D today announces Cam Report 3.0, their new app for iPhone and iPod touch that also works on iPad. This user-friendly app is a smart and intelligent alternative to traditional camera reports on paper for professional, digital movie productions. To ensure consistency and quality throughout the production process, Cam Report offers powerful metadata capturing and management. New shots are numbered intelligently, based on the convention users prefer.

Dailies Creator for OS X: Distribute Dailies for Secure Viewing on iPad

Mar 04, 2013 - Drylab R&D today introduces Dailies Creator 1.0 for OS X, its new app that ingests newly created digital video files, transcodes them into H.264, organizes footage into Shots, Scenes, and Takes, embeds Camera Report metadata, and performs encrypted distribution of the resulting iPad-ready dailies via WiFi or Dropbox. Tailored to the needs of professional DITs working on-set or in post, Dailies Creator interfaces with two iOS apps, Dailies Viewer and Cam Report, to form a complete system.