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Kavapoint introduces iEmergency ICE Family PRO 1.1 for iPhone

Sep 24, 2009 - Kavapoint has released iEmergency ICE Family PRO 1.1, the most comprehensive "In Case of Emergency" app for iPhone and iPod touch. iEmergency ICE Family PRO is a full solution for emergency situations and can be used to hold your personal medical records. It will store your emergency contact information and relevant medical information for all users added in one single handy application.

Kavapoint Giving Away Apps to Students

Aug 31, 2009 - Kavapoint LLC has announced that they will be giving out the following iPhone apps for free to students who have iPhones. The promotion will last until September 20th or until Kavapoint runs out of promotion codes. Abilene Christian University and many other universities have recently started to give out iPhone devices to their students. As a result, the company wanted to make sure students had the opportunity to get these important apps for free.

iEmergency Lite now available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Jul 23, 2009 - Kavapoint has released iEmergency Lite and an update to iEmergency+, the top medical ICE application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Created by medical and tech professionals, the iEmergency applications are designed to keep your emergency information available to paramedics and hospital personal in the event of an emergency.

Kavapoint announces iEmergency 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

Jun 27, 2009 - Kavapoint has announced iEmergency 1.0, their most comprehensive medical emergency app for iPhone and iPod touch. iEmergency is the first emergency medical application with a full solution for emergency situations. iEmergency also stores all your allergies, medications, and medical conditions in a single place. You can keep your iPhone locked and still have security of having a solution where medical personal can access your medical data on your iPhone.