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New version of OCRKit 2.0 with ultra-high document conversion speed

Mar 29, 2013 - OCRKit 2.0 is a superfast drag and drop document converter software, that allows users to easily convert all of their paper documents into digital text. A new content of highly compressed PDF which uses some of the unique compression techniques to ensure that colored documents will be decreased to the minimum size possible. The update also features improved Auto rotation, where scanned documents are automatically turned to the proper orientation.

OCRKit 3.1 to easily extract text from photos taken on your iPhone

Mar 28, 2013 - Textbooks, photocopies, and handouts are easily converted into text documents using Mobile OCRKit. Use your iPhone's or iPad's camera, take a photo of a document or a quote you saw and save it in your library. Edit the extracted text if needed and share it with people around you, using Apple's Mail or other applications. Make your digital life less complex!

ExactScan 2.24 with Apple's ImageCapture and Canon DR series support

Mar 28, 2013 - ExactCODE GmbH releases ExactScan 2.24, with support for Apple's ImageCapture and Canon DR scanners. Updated version comes additionally with new built-in drivers for several new document scanners of Avision, Canon and Fujitsu; and an updated OCR technology, which improves recognition accuracy as well as PDF text layer precision and compression.

OCRKit 1.13 for high rotation performance and improved text recognition

Mar 22, 2013 - ExactCODE GmbH, releases the update of OCRKit 1.13, a quality OCR solution for Mac. The updated version offers improved auto-rotate performance for high-resolution scans and improved recognition performance, accuracy and stability. Designed to help quickly convert PDFs or image graphics into searchable PDF files. It features OCR technology to identify text in graphic files, which is useful for PDFs you get via e-mail, created using DTP applications, office apps, with a copier or scanner.