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New Mac app brings real-time WYSIWYG interface to LaTeX typesetting

Feb 13, 2018 - Austrian indie developer, Karl Traunmueller today released Compositor 1.0, a new Mac app that brings WYSIWYG features to the LaTeX document preparation system widely used in academia for preparation of scientific and technical publications. Compositor delivers the same convenience and productivity of any modern word processor. Editing and viewing are fully integrated. The document is typeset with every keystroke the user makes, and the results are displayed immediately.

Scientific computing app Computable brings IPython and SciPy to the iPad

Jul 10, 2014 - Austrian iOS developer Karl Traunmuller today released Computable, the first iOS app to bring the powerful combination of the IPython computing environment and the rich collection of scientific software modules commonly referred to as the SciPy stack to the iPad. Centered around a notebook metaphor, IPython is a great platform for a wide range of computational problems, interactive lecture notes, term papers, and more.

Taskdeck for iOS complements Mac task list app, shines at sync

Jan 09, 2014 - Indie Mac & iOS developer, Karl Traunmueller today introduces Taskdeck for iOS, the mobile companion to their popular Mac task and to-do list app. Adopting the clean, minimalist user interface of its Mac cousin, Taskdeck for iOS focuses on effective task management, paired with advanced features such as a tagging system, file attachments, or Dropbox file sync. The Taskdeck family of apps now comes with world-class Cloud sync that puts in on par with big names like Wunderlist or Things.

Mac task list app Taskdeck adds Cloud sync, iOS companion app

Jan 08, 2014 - Austrian indie Mac & iOS developer Karl Traunmueller today released a major update to Taskdeck for Mac, the Mac task and to-do list app. The new release adds, among other improvements, world-class Cloud sync that puts Taskdeck on par with big names like Wunderlist or Things. At the same time, an iOS companion app, Taskdeck for iOS, has been launched to bring the Taskdeck experience to mobile devices. Sync between desktop and mobile is handled by a new Cloud sync platform called Taskdeck Cloud.

microLARGE Software releases Mac task and to-do list app Taskdeck

May 17, 2013 - Today, microLARGE Software introduces Taskdeck, a simple task and to-do list app for Mac OS X. Entering the competitive market of task and to-do management apps, Taskdeck stands out by combining a minimalist, keyboard-driven user interface with handy features like tags, attachments, drag & drop prioritization, and powerful searching and filtering. Related tasks are grouped into lists, with each list showing a badge that indicates the number of open, due, or overdue tasks.

Mac search utility Disklens receives update, adds tags support

Apr 09, 2013 - microLARGE software today announces Disklens 1.1, an improved version of the menu bar search utility for MacOS X. Disklens combines Apple's proven Spotlight search technology with a convenient user interface. Version 1.1 brings support for Spotlight comments, adds preferences for customizing search result presentation, brings a few user interface improvements like grouping search results by month, and extends the list of supported languages with French and Spanish.