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Diamond Profile LLC Unleashes Friend Bomber

Nov 15, 2013 - Diamond Profile releases Friend Bomber for iOS, an exciting real-time mobile social game where you can blow up your friends in the real world using virtual bombs. Friend Bomber is a location based real-time mobile application that creates an exciting virtual game where players can drop bombs on his or her friend's phone. This game offers 17 different types of bombs to choose from. It is not only a single player versus player game but multiple players can play together simultaneously.

9PIECES: the Best Jigsaw Puzzle of 2013

Apr 13, 2013 - Jigsaw puzzle is a popular game played to sharpen the brain besides enjoying the utmost fun. To add a new dimension in this experience of gaming, developer has brought the 9Pieces that is considered as the best Jigsaw puzzle of 2013. It has been designed with a concept to provide necessary fuel to accelerate the machine of fun of an user who loves puzzles but has not played any of them yet. It has more than 150 levels, puzzle rotation and shape distortion.