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Outdoor sports fanatics Love nevus

Apr 18, 2013 - shonikIDEAS is proud to announce the update nevus 1.2 for iOS. A mobile app developed by a dermatologist helps those who spend tons of time in the sun. The Sun Alarm included with the app provides a GPS-based UV index that indicates when and how often to apply sunscreen, and the app also includes a Sunscreen Visualizer that explains the correct amount of sunscreen to use per body area. nevus also provides information concerning products and tips about skin care from Dr. Saxena.

Tripini makes planning for any trip fast and easy

Apr 09, 2013 - ShonikIDEAS announces Tripini 1.2 for iOS. Tripini manages all the elements of successful trip planning on a mobile device. The app divides travel into unique categories that make planning for any type of trip fast and efficient. Its packing feature ensures that travelers never leave anything behind and the app's comprehensive list creation system is a delight for smart packers. Travelers can use the same lists over and over again, or create unique packing lists for a special vacation.