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Low Preorder Price at Apple iBooks on Beginnings Box Set Rewards Readers

Aug 23, 2014 - Indie author Tracy Falbe of Battle Creek, Michigan announced a promotional preorder price for the Beginnings Box Set: Three Fantasy Series Starters. Currently available in over 50 countries through the Apple iBooks store, the fantasy collection contains the novels Rys Rising, Union of Renegades, and Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale. The three novels in the box set are the first parts of the three fantasy series. Its official worldwide release on Sept. 6.

New Historical Paranormal Romance Ready for Pre-Orders at Apple iBooks

Oct 26, 2013 - Fantasy author Tracy Falbe enters the historical paranormal romance genre with her 9th novel Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale that is set in 1561 Bohemia. Unlike a stereotypical raving werewolf, the hero Thal is a much more complex character. He distinguishes himself as a werewolf because he can control his transformations. He shifts into his beast self at will with his enchanted wolf fur. The novel will release across online retailers on November 13th.

Author Tracy Falbe Appears on Adventures in Scifi Publishing Podcast

Aug 20, 2013 - Tracy Falbe was the guest author on the 224th episode of the long running podcast Adventures in Scifi Publishing on August 18th. The author of eight fantasy novels, Her interview focused on Rys Rising, the first novel in the series she completed last October with the publication of Love Lost. Her nearly hour long interview with executive producer Timothy C. Ward introduced listeners to her fantasy world, magical system, and her many years of experience as an independent author.

Indie Friendly Marketplace at iTunes Benefits iBooks Author Tracy Falbe

Aug 16, 2013 - The global reach of the iBookstore from Apple helps indie authors like Tracy Falbe connect with more readers. Consistent sales for Falbe at the iBookstore for three years have contributed to her fan base. Serving over 50 countries, the iBookstore aids Falbe in gaining worldwide exposure for her fiction and nonfiction. Like her web store Brave Luck Books, the iBookstore reaches many countries not served by Amazon's Kindle store or Barnes & Noble's Nook store.

Brave Luck Books Releases Chapters from Ongoing Audiobook Production

Apr 11, 2013 - Indie fantasy author Tracy Falbe is publishing audio episodes from The Goddess Queen as they are recorded. The serialized audiobook presentation is building up to the release of the completed audiobook that will be distributed into iTunes in fall 2013. As of April 2013, 18 audio chapters from the fantasy novel The Goddess Queen by Tracy Falbe have been published at Brave Luck Books. Falbe, who is the author of 8 novels, is working with voice talent, Andrew Wetmore, to record the novel.