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Shade's Exile: Half Man, Half Pinball Released for iPhone and iPad

Jul 11, 2016 - Sydney based Shape of Sound Limited today introduces Shade's Exile: In The Beginning 1.0, its brand new platform game developed for iPhone and iPad devices. Shade's Exile is like Sonic on steroids: Shade can bounce around like a pinball and do stunts, or can run about and shoot enemies out the way. There is a rich storyline which is unusually deep for a platform game, and a post-dubstep soundtrack that brings a slightly darker edge to a very retro themed game.

Layer Up Sound FX with Just Swipes on Sketch Synth FX 1.0.2

Jun 14, 2013 - Sketch Synth FX 1.0.2 has just been released. Adding 4 new sound banks with unique FX layouts the sound library is doubled and new completely unique sounds effects layering possibilities are achieved. 4 new sound banks are added that add to the existing dark and light sound banks to give the user warm vintage, noise, heavy bass and explosive sounds. Not only does Sketch Synth FX 1.0.2 offer double the number of sounds that 1.0.1 does, but it also offers different FX layouts.

Sketch Synth 2 for iPad: AudioVisual Synthesizer to Shape + Sculpt Sound

Jun 04, 2013 - Shape of Sound today announces Sketch Synth 2 v1.2 for iPad, an update to its AudioVisual Synthesizer that lets users shape & sculpt sound by drawing. With a choice of backgrounds, pad videos and sounds, users can create complex A/V soundscapes. The app includes a built-in drum beat, and comes with 5 user definable buttons (Pads, Synth, Lead, Bass, Noise), which have roughly 10 different sounds each. Featured are sample import, loop recorder, fade, filter, and copy & paste between other apps.

Shape of Sound's Calorie Counter Now Pays You to Count Calories

May 23, 2013 - Shape of Sound have updated Calorie Counter 1.2 to include support for the AchieveMint service, to reward healthy activities with cash prizes. Every time a registered user enters the calories they eat, they will not just be monitoring their food intake, but also fill up their wallet. The Calorie Counter itself is designed to be as simple as possible. It's not a meal planner. It focuses on being a quick tool to jot down calorie intake when users are out and about. It's extremely fast and simple.

Shape of Sound Unleashes Sketch Synth 2

Apr 12, 2013 - The Apps4iDevices magazine already are calling Sketch Synth 2 a killer app, they love it because it is excessively simple to use; yet can create both tranquil and chaotic loops. Sketch Synth 2 goes beyond what other pad based devices can do because you can import your own sounds into it, layer them up with additional sounds and then apply effects like scratching and filtering to gnarl them up. You can then record and use Audio Copy & Paste to get the sounds into your other apps.