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New App Release - Socialite

May 07, 2013 - Royalblue today is proud to announce Socialite offers valuable convenience, and a new paradigm in Social Networking interactions. Once downloaded from the App Store, users can access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn all within one, simple to use, flexible application. On opening, the Socialite homepage displays four of the familiar social networking icons. User can switch easily and instantly from any network to another. It is simple, logical, fast, and very convenient.

Socialite For iPhone. All your social networks in one place

Apr 21, 2013 - Royalblue is proud to introduce Socialite for iPhone 1.0. Socialite is a brand-new application for iPhone that unifies Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn all in one app. Socialite incorporates multi-touch gestures to fully immerse the user into the app, simply hold down two fingers to return to the previous page or hold down three to refresh the page. Socialite is an excellent social hub to keep up to date with all of your social networks in the same app.