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DivingSigns: The new app for learning the essential diving hand signals

Aug 20, 2013 - UK based LearningSigns just released DivingSigns 1.0 for iOS, which enables future divers to learn the hand signals by playing a brain game. Their learning game is a practical, researched approach for learning underwater communication. It helps users to memorise the essential diving hand signals. Players learn in a fun and effective way and receive immediate feedback on their proficiency. The game is an ideal helper for the preparation of the PADI or SSI certification.

LearningSigns: Learn the alphabet before the language

Apr 22, 2013 - LearningSigns just released version 1.2, an improved version of their mobile learning games for learning new alphabets, designed to help language learners to successfully master the hurdle of a new alphabet. Release 1.1. features new alphabets for Hebrew and Swedish, as well as info screen explaining the unique learning concept, a speed-play by optionally muting the supporting audio, and new localizations for Greek, Hebrew, Mandarin, Polish, Swedish, and Turkish.