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Happiness Wizard lets Users Enjoy, Enrich and Delight their Life Journey

Dec 20, 2013 - California based Success Wizard, Inc. today Happiness Wizard 1.0 for iOS, a revolutionary new app that guides users in creating and experiencing more joy, love and satisfaction in their life. Happiness Wizard's aim is to train people to adopt and apply 10 powerful and proven principles. The app utilizies a person's iPhone or iPad as a personal life coach that empowers users and teaches them how to enhance positive emotions, promote self-care and experience more harmony and inner peace.

Life Productivity Wizard Lets Users Plan, Focus and Get Desired Results

Jul 17, 2013 - California based Success Wizard, Inc. today introduces Productivity Wizard 1.0, their new productivity app developed for iOS devices. Productivity Wizard allows users to set their goals, stay focused, take action and hit their targets in multiple areas of their life. Effortlessly stay on track with daily reminders, tips and end-of-day reflections. Available anytime anywhere, the app is designed to utilize a person's mobile phone or tablet as a personal productivity and accomplishments booster.

Innovative Life Coaching App Lets Users Create More Fulfilling Lifestyle

Jun 10, 2013 - California based Success Wizard, Inc. today announces a new life navigation iPhone app that provides a complete set of effective life coaching and productivity tools to help people realize, plan and achieve their most desired dreams and goals. The new Success Wizard iPhone App is designed to turn a person's mobile phone into a personal life navigator/planner, available 24/7 wherever that person may be. Users can take advantage of daily reminders, coaching tips, end-of-day reflections.