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Backpack Harry - Classic Platform Gaming with Custom Level Editor

Dec 21, 2015 - Indie publisher Stuart McLean, today introduces Backpack Harry for iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, iPod touch and Apple TV. A platform game that expands far beyond just playing, Backpack Harry is a game that can be played by all ages of gamer and best of all, created by anyone. With the full-featured but simple-to-use level editor built-in to Backpack Harry, players get to create their own worlds, play them, share them and generally prove just how awesome, devious, cruel or sneaky they can be.

Perfection! 3: The Chain - The Third Entry in The Popular Puzzler Series

Jul 19, 2015 - Independent publisher Stuart McLean announces Perfection! 3: The Chain 1.0 for iOS devices, the next chapter in the popular Perfection! series of puzzle games. Perfection! 3: The Chain keeps the style of the previous games but completely changes the gameplay to make this an all new, fast paced, strategy game. Select a starting tile and watch it zoom off to collide with any other tiles in the indicated path. Chain together as many of the tiles on the game board as possible to build up a score.

Ocular - OCR PDF Scanner

Jun 27, 2014 - Today TrueBlou has announced Ocular - OCR PDF Scanner, an iOS utility application that transforms an iDevice into a complete portable scanning, OCR text recognition and editing solution. Ocular allows iPhone/iPad and iPod touch users to scan multi page documents and store them on their device. Scans can be transformed into editable text files using the built-in OCR functions. Scans can be converted into PDF files and shared by email, print, iMessage, AirDrop and a built-in Wi-Fi Server.

Perfection! Small word BIG challenge. Original puzzle game from TrueBlou

Mar 25, 2014 - TrueBlou announces the release of Perfection! 1.0 for iOS. An original new puzzle game Perfection! was created to appeal to players of any age and any experience level. The ultimate goal in Perfection! is to activate all of the tiles on the grid. Perfection! takes just a minute to learn and with its perpetual level engine one could play for a lifetime without playing the same game twice. The game has 5 different board sizes on iPhone & iPod touch and 10 different sizes on iPad.

Original new word game AlphaBubbleZ just released

Mar 07, 2014 - TrueBlou announces the release of AlphaBubbleZ for iOS, a unique new take on the standard word making game. Designed to challenge, entertain and keep things fresh. Featuring dynamically generated letter grids that constantly change during a game mean the same game is never played twice. Perfect for any age and any level of proficiency in the English language due to the games vast built-in dictionary. AlphaBubbleZ features streamlined gameplay and is socially integrated.

Don't get bored, get AmaiSed - New word game released for iOS

Apr 26, 2013 - TrueBlou today introduces AmaiS 1.0, his new word game for iPhone and iPod touch. Word making, score chasing, clock racing gameplay. If you think you know a word or three, AmaiS will make you prove it. AmaiS features a variety of games and modes designed to challenge and entertain. Play solo or against friends or random players using Game Center. Use the email challenge feature to get the two player feeling even if you don't use Game Center.