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David Wolff introduces Garden Flowers 1.0 for iPad - New Gallery App

Mar 29, 2017 - Independent Developer, David Wolff introduces Garden Flowers 1.0, his new gallery app developed exclusively for the iPad. Flowers evoke the joy of nature and the wonderful variety of flower species to be found. Garden Flowers showcases a collection of over 500 beautifully photographed flower images. Images are named, grouped and searchable for quick identification and reference, and can be simply viewed, or downloaded individually to the iPad Photo Library to be used in way desired.

Alpine Train 3D v1.7 Released on iOS - Feature update with Planetarium

Mar 24, 2016 - Independent developer, Jeremy Horton today announces Alpine Train 3D 1.7, an important feature update to his beautifully constructed virtual train set for iOS devices. Alpine Train 3D offers an easy driving interface, pleasing 3D graphics and ethereal moonlight feel. The world of orca island has now been extended through a portal into space giving panoramic views around the solar system. This adds to the sense of drama created by the mountain views, yeti cave, orca cave and aqua park.

Night Night Train - Interactive Bedtime Story - In App Store Now

Aug 11, 2014 - Jeremy Horton today announces iOS app "Night Night Train". A charming, interactive bedtime story, the app should help young children relax and unwind. Following "Alpine Train 3D" the studio has stuck with a railroad theme but introduces animal characters, voice narration, musical box soundtrack and a greater sense of journey to make an appealing formula for younger iOS users. Each game finishes within an adjustable length of time, and so could be incorporated into a bedtime routine.

Alpine Train 3D 1.1 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Available Now

Apr 29, 2013 - Alpine Train 3D 1.1 is a virtual train set for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It strikes a balance between realistic simulation and pure fun. It provides a beautiful landscape through which to drive the train, but the driving experience is accessible and toy-like. The game has full 3D graphics yet it is lightweight enough to run on an iPhone. There are no points to be scored or specific objectives other than to enjoy driving the train. It is suitable for all ages and abilities.