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Crate 1.01 - Just Released and on Sale to Celebrate

Jun 26, 2013 - Kallergis Consulting Limited announces Crate 1.01, on sale until the 4th of July to celebrate the release. Crate is a music player, a remote control, a Jukebox, and a media server that shares like no other app can. It lets users browse, playback, and control the music playing on the device running Crate using a web browser from any device on your network. Clients don't need to have Crate installed, which means they can connect from an Android, or a computer, or anything with a recent browser.

Application Development Server For iOS Released

May 03, 2013 - Kallergis Consulting Limited introduces Server 1.0 for iOS. Users may bring their extra iOS device back to life with the Server, and make it a central part of their toolset. The Server app turns a user's device into an application development server. It's an all new system that will let users spend more of their time on system design. Its services take care of lots of the things users rewrite for every system they build.