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iOS Indie: One Tap RPG - Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler

Aug 07, 2014 - Germany based Tinytouchtales today announces the release and immediate availability of One Tap RPG for iOS. One Tap RPG is a retro style Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler. Watch your character slash through randomly generated Dungeons, while being controlled only by Pachinko-like physics. Level up and use powerful spells to slay even more dangerous monsters, collect their gold and enter the Highscores. One Tap RPG also has Game Center integration.

Zuki's Quest - a turn based Puzzle Platformer for iPhone & iPod

Nov 20, 2013 - Tinytouchtales today announces the release and immediate availability of Zuki's Quest 1.0 for iOS. Zuki's Quest is a unique turn based puzzle platformer. You solve puzzles by changing the gravity and moving Zuki through the levels. Every move can have multiple consequences and it's always good to think about where to jump next. With a limited number of moves per level and plenty of mind-bending challenges, Zuki's Quest is great game for puzzle lovers.

Katrins colorful Moon Story - A children's App for the iPad from Berlin

Jun 19, 2013 - Berlin based Tinytouchtales today introduces Katrins colorful Moon Story 1.0, their first interactive children's app developed for iPad devices. Katrin's colorful Moon Story answers the question that a lot of kids ask themselves: "Have you ever wondered why the Moon is visible during the day?" The story is an original tale which explains a real-world phenomena in a charming way. In addition to beautiful illustrations and animations, the story integrates 3 games with high replay value and more.