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Math in 60 Seconds Facebook Page Launches

Jun 03, 2013 - App and game developer Joshua launched Math in 60 Seconds's Facebook page. Math in 60 Seconds is an iOS game in which players try to answer as many math problems as they can in sixty seconds. The launch of the Facebook page is the first step in a direction to make Math in 60 Seconds a more social-friendly game. The Facebook page will contain news about the game as well as information and screenshots. It will be used to keep users and followers updated on new features and high scores.

Math in 60 Seconds Now Available on the App Store

May 09, 2013 - Independent developer, Joshua Caban, introduces Math in 60 Seconds for iOS. Math in 60 Seconds is a competitive yet educational math game. The player has 60 seconds to answer as many problems as they can. Their score is based on the number of problems they answer correctly and how quickly they do so. It provides multiple game play modes and difficulty levels to test math skills. It also allows users to upload their scores and see how they compare to other players of the game.