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Timed Plan for iOS - New version

May 26, 2013 - Paul's Archive is proud to announce the updated Timed Plan 1.2 for iOS. Update included iCloud sharing, email sharing and more file actions. The app helps you to organize stages of routine tasks to a timed line with small piece of information and notification. Collect stages of your routine and record in timedplan document with app. Then repeat it exactly in time you record. Every document you create in iCloud you will see in any device that already login with your iCloud account.

Timed Plan App for iOS: Order Stages Of Your Tasks In Routines

May 17, 2013 - Paul's Archive introduces Timed Plan 1.1 for iOS. Timed Plan helps users to repeat their routine tasks at exactly the same time and in the same sequence. It is easy to record and replay the whole plan. An alarm sound notifies users of the completion of each stage and shows the description. The application is not bound by a range of tasks. Tasks may be from athletic exercises to profession routine tasks and cooking.