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Falling Fox Version 1.2 Is Now Available on the App Store

Aug 19, 2014 - FlipBox Games today announces Falling Fox 1.2, an update to its popular game for iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. Simple and easy to pick up, Falling Fox is a free fall arcade game. Play as Roki, an adventurous treasure hunting fox that enjoys the thrills of diving into dangerous places. The list of changes include two brand new stages, a new skill called Spirit Blade, new power-ups and costumes. Version 1.2 also includes numerous bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and cosmetic upgrades.

Ninja Bird and the Troublesome Client for iOS

May 31, 2014 - FlipBox Games announces the re-release of Ninja Bird - Item Master, previously known as Falling Bird. The game stars Tamatori, a ninja bird that specialises in retrieving rare artifacts such as ancient swords or long lost jewels. Unfortunately, one day he came across a client who was a bit troublesome. He requested Tamatori's assistance in recovering some items, but where they're located doesn't make it any easier. Play Ninja Bird and find out.

Falling Bird Flapping Downwards

Apr 10, 2014 - FlipBox Games today introduces Falling Bird 1.0, their next game for iOS. The game stars Tamatori, a ninja bird in training. His mission is to collect as many scrolls as possible while avoiding deadly sharp spikes. The game uses similar mechanics to FlipBox Games previous release, Falling Fox. Inspired by Flappy Bird, this is one game that doesn't go along with the 'Easy' department as well. Featuring 10 levels of difficulty, the game's speed will increase as the player descends deeper.

Falling Fox released for iOS - A Vertical Diving Game

Feb 08, 2014 - FlipBox Games today announces Falling Fox 1.1, their second game for iOS. The game stars an adventuring fox called Roki, whom one day came across a treasure map left by some unknown entity. Intrigued by the words of 'Gold Coins' mentioned on the map, Roki sets out to the location shown on the map. However, he will soon find out that those 'Gold Coins' will not come by so easily. The device's accelerometer is used to move Roki left and right, while touching the screen will float him upwards.

Scat Fishing - A Simple and Fun Fishing Game

May 18, 2013 - Scat Fishing is a simple & fun fishing game developed by a husband and wife team called Mouse & Dog Productions. Released on 15th May 2013, Scat Fishing is free to download on the iPhone and iPod touch. Unlike other fishing games, Scat Fishing requires the user to catch fishes as they pop out from the water using a net. The core concept of the game is catch as many fishes as possible within the allocated time. The game isn't very difficult, but does require some simple hand & eye coordination's.