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New app range to help target preschool speech and language skills

Sep 17, 2015 - London-based app developer, Therapy Box has released a specialist app range targeting speech and language skills for preschoolers. Speech sound discrimination, rhyme judgement, category sorting and sound-letter associations are all various aspects that the apps have been carefully designed to address. Within each app, the child is taken on an adventure by the cute dinosaur, Dubdub! The range of apps include Phonics Keyboard, Rhyming Bus, Minimal Pairs and Odd One Out.

Second Guess Apps - Major Update for Popular Dyslexia Tools

Sep 08, 2015 - UK based Second Guess Apps today announces Typ-O HD and Typ-O, the biggest release to date to their popular dyslexia tools for iPhone or iPad devices. Created with people with dyslexia in mind, the apps' features are clever and can be tailored to each person's unique requirements. With intelligent word prediction and phrase prediction options, these apps are essential for students and professionals who benefit from subtle help when preparing messages, notes or documents.

Scene & Heard 3 delivers enhanced communication support with new tools

Aug 24, 2015 - Therapy Box's popular app, Scene & Heard has been updated with its biggest release to date. The addition of a printable communication book and an interactive visual timetable with task prompting feature, means that the app is now a 24/7 communication tool, catering to the full range of communication tasks for people who use the app. In addition, the editing feature has been tailored to be smarter, quicker and easier - making it a must have app for people with communication difficulties.

Home automation app opens doors for people with disabilities

Nov 25, 2014 - UK based Therapy Box has today released SmartHub for the iPad. The app fills a gap for many people with physical disabilities who want to be independently able to control home appliances using their preferred alternative access method. SmartHub allows those with disabilities to do those things most people take for granted by using a switch on a wheelchair or the iPad. Features include compatiblity with most Smart televisions, multiple settings to adjust the screen input and more.

Children with autism can use their own voices in communication aid app

Nov 17, 2014 - London based app developers Therapy Box released a major update to ChatAble allowing people to replace generic text to speech, with their own voices, or the voice of a peer. This latest release contains the innovative integration of ModelTalker. The app also includes new voices for added choice of quality voices and Skype integration to aid connectivity. ChatAble is available in a range of languages and is an essential aid for people with speech and language difficulties.

Update to Predictable enables people with MND/ALS to use their own voice

Oct 28, 2014 - Today London based Therapy Box has released Predictable which allows people who have lost their voices due to MND to replace synthetic text-to-speech with their own voice. Predictable allows a person to type a message using the intelligent word prediction, which learns their pattern of use, making prediction even faster. The app now allows people to use ModelTalker voices for an even more personal experience. People can bank their voice and then directly use it within Predictable.

App Development Company announced as winner in annual Queen's Awards

Apr 24, 2014 - London based app development company Therapy Box was announced as a recipient of a Queen's Award for Enterprise (Innovation) in recognition of the life changing iPad apps the team has released. Therapy Box's apps are designed to meet the needs of people with a variety of speech and physical disabilities enabling them to communicate and be more independent. Therapy Box is working to deliver new apps in 2014, including SmartHub - a home automation app for the disability market.

Therapy Box Release French Version of Text-To-Speech App Predictable

Mar 31, 2014 - The latest app from Therapy Box, Predictable Francais 3.3 was released today. Predictable is the premier app used by people with little or no voice. The app is most useful for people who have decent cognitive abilities. Predictable Francais includes two different keyboards. / La derniere application de Therapy Box, Predictable Francais a ete lancee aujourd'hui. Predictable est la premiere application utilisee par les personnes muettes ou ayant des problemes de diction.

iPad app ChatAble - A New Wave In Augmentative Communication

Feb 18, 2014 - The latest app from Therapy Box, ChatAble was released today. ChatAble ushers in a new wave of augmentative communication on iPads, bringing the best of the latest iPad functions with thoughtful and innovative app features to ensure that the app makes communication for children with disabilities easier and fun. Following previews at the BETT show in London and ATIA in Orlando, ChatAble is now available via iTunes at 50% off the full price.