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Resume Designer - Build your professional Resume in Minutes

Jun 27, 2013 - xNeat introduces Resume Designer 1.0, an iOS app that effectively enables users to build a resume in minutes. All users have to do is input their resume details and Resume Designer takes care of the rest with professionally designed resume templates and export to PDF capabilities. Resume Designer lets users manage multiple resumes for themselves and for friends and family. Users can also target different employers with different resumes.

Ninjas! - A unique mixture of Stratego, Chess and Rock-Paper-Scissors

Jun 06, 2013 - Khayal Interactive Entertainment and Spoon studios today introduce Ninjas! 1.0, a new iOS board/strategy game. You Command your army of ninjas in this addictive game through battles to locate and capture the enemy's treasure box. Ninjas! effectively combines elements from Stratego, Chess and Rock-Paper-Scissors to provide a unique gaming experience that can be enjoyed in single player mode or played with your friends via Game Center.