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Children's Music Shines In New Kids App: Preschool Musical

Aug 22, 2014 - Children love music and parents will enjoy watching them singing along to this app. California based Fairytale Studios announces Preschool Musical for iOS, its new educational app featuring a special combination of musical gameplay that has never been seen before on a mobile device. There are hours full of exploration, perfect for entertaining restless toddlers. Parents can feel relaxed as their child engages in a tasteful musical and learning-oriented experience.

Preschool Aquarium Sets A New Bar for Children's Learning Apps

Jul 01, 2014 - Parents love learning apps and children adore them. Preschool Aquarium is the new release by Fairytale Studios and features educational gameplay that has never been seen before on a mobile device. The app incorporates unique learning games designed by award winning preschool teachers and early learning psychologists. This distinction sets Preschool Aquarium apart from the competition, it is a game designed for children by professionals. Available now on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

Preschool Playhouse - The Next Must Have Kids App

Nov 05, 2013 - Preschool Playhouse by Fairytale Studios features game design that is original and unique to iOS devices. With infinite gameplay, the app is exploratory rather than linear and focuses on two core values for young children; learning and music. Sophie and Sam are guitar-playing helpers who ask instructive questions, allowing even the youngest child to understand what to do next. Ideal for parents as they can not only play along with their children but also their children to freely play for hours.

Fairytale Studios Reimagines The Children's Picture Book With New App

Jun 12, 2013 - Fairytale Studios, a digital publisher specializing in fairytale apps and digital books, introduces its latest storybook app Rumpelstiltskin 1.0, featuring vintage illustrations that come to life on the screen like never before, setting the bar for the children's app industry ever after. Rumpelstiltskin boasts full interactivity combined with a stunning interface, clean and easy-to-read text, exceptional, moveable color illustrations, and stunning, professional sound.