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Panolapse software expands tools for advanced timelapse photographers

Nov 11, 2014 - Panolapse expands its timelapse software with advanced features to support professional photographers. Panolapse, a program which simulates camera motion using software-based perspective-correction, has introduced the RAWBlend feature for creating smooth transitions of light and color over time to assist in difficult time-lapse sequences (such as sunrise or sunset time-lapses). The update also introduces tools for deflickering, animating panoramas, and auto-exposure.

Elven Blood role-playing game launches for iPhone

Jun 21, 2014 - Avalancia introduces Elven Blood, a popular online RPG, launches for iPhone this week. Based upon the Dungeons & Dragons RPG games, the game features hundreds of hours of gameplay along with social interaction in massive multiplayer fashion. Players complete quests to earn gold, items, and experience as they advance characters through hundreds of stages interwoven in an intricate story. Elven Blood brings an aspect of social interaction, as players build alliances to complete missions.

Panolapse Adds Camera Motion To Timelapse Videos

Jun 16, 2013 - Panolapse launches a new application for adding camera motion to timelapse videos, available for Mac OSX and Windows. Panolapse uses perspective correction to simulate real-world rotational panning through a scene. The software aims to support the timelapse workflow, also adding features for deflickering and converting images into video. One of the key elements of top timelapse videos is motion - an effect typically difficult to achieve but necessary for adding dynamism and artistic direction.