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Santa's Reindeer Run, a Holiday fun game from Interplay now on iOS

Dec 16, 2015 - Interplay Entertainment today introduces Santa's Reindeer Run for iOS and Android, an original horizontal scroller game for the holidays. Simple, yet addictive gameplay makes the game fun for the whole family. Players helps Santa collect presents to deliver by the morning. Touching the screen makes the sleigh dive and gain speed, and then using the hills it gets airborne again!. With 10 levels, gameplay features collecting candy canes to activate Sugar Rush mode while avoiding rocks and snowmen.

Prehistorik Man for iOS - Classic, Horizontal Scroller/Platformer

Aug 01, 2013 - Interplay Entertainment today introduces Prehistorik Man for iOS, an update to the horizontal scroller/platformer hit, first released on Super Nintendo in 1996. Lovingly ported to iOS, the game perfectly emulates the original gameplay. Players control Sam, the caveman, who must save his village when dinosaurs steal its food. Thumb controls allow Sam to move left or right, jump, swing his club, or run fast on all fours. With 22 levels, gameplay features many other onscreen characters.