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Skyjoy Founders Part Ways

Feb 25, 2014 - After having aided in the founding, building, and realization of Skyjoy, Vice Presidents Alex Portilla and Miguel Portilla completed their journey with the company. SkyJoy Interactive founder, Abdulhady Taher, followed his childhood dream of building a video game enterprise. In late 2011, Taher approached industry veterans Alex Portilla & Miguel Portilla to realize his vision. SkyJoy has grown to a core team of 20, & will create their own original IPs with every game being created from scratch.

Pink Isn't For Wimps

Jul 11, 2013 - Super Kid Cannon's Justine Proves Kicking Butt AND Wearing Dresses Is Totally Possible. SkyJoy today is proud to announce, launching this fall on both iOS and Android mobile devices, Super Kid Cannon is the first game of its kind. The prettiest of all the red panda girls in the forest, she's a spunky and energetic addition twist to the traditional "damsel in distress," preferring to adventure alongside Super Kid Cannon through the danger & excitement, rather than sitting around waving her tail.

Skyjoy Announces The First Vertical Launcher Game of Its Kind

Jun 20, 2013 - SkyJoy Interactive, an emerging Miami-based video game developer focused on casual and social games in the mobile market, today announces it will launch its first title, starring the adorable red panda, Super Kid Cannon, this fall on mobile devices. The first game of its kind, a vertical launcher, Super Kid Cannon will feature an incredible adventure with brilliant characters in a Mario meets iOS style game with an easy-to-play format that guarantees fun for everyone.