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The app Food Intolerances helps you choose suitable foods

Nov 14, 2014 - Baliza GmbH announces their newest food app, Food Intolerances for iOS and Android devices. More and more people suffer from symptoms that can range from mere indigestion, to skin rashes and even to migraine attacks after eating certain foods. The situation becomes particularly frustrating if the diagnosis is still fresh, or if he or she is suffering from more than one type of intolerance. For those people afflicted, the app "Food Intolerances" is a practical and handy nutritional guide.

Stay healthy - Get the best from your diet with the app FoodGuide

Aug 25, 2014 - Which foods are rich in protein, but low in fat? Which fruits provide adequate amounts of vitamins? How do certain foods affect my blood sugar level? With the app "FoodGuide - Vitamins & Nutrients" for iPhone and iPad from Baliza GmbH, it is now possible to take a closer look at the nutritional value of over 700 foods, allowing you to compensate for any natural nutrient imbalances. The new version includes a glycemic index and glycemic load and more foods and thumbnails.

Managing Your Dietary Restrictions with the Food Intolerances App

Jun 24, 2013 - Baliza GmbH announces Food Intolerances 3.1. More and more people nowadays suffer from food intolerances. Those affected often find they are completely overwhelmed by the diagnosis and are not aware of what foods they can or should still eat. The universal app, Food Intolerances, developed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, assesses the most important and basic foods in terms of their tolerance, recognizes over 700 different foods used in everyday life and is a helpful guide when shopping.

Vitamins & Nutrients: The exact contents of foods revealed

Jun 21, 2013 - Which fruit contains the most vitamin C? Which vegetable is packed with iron? Baliza GmbH today announces Vitamins & Nutrients 1.1, its new universal app for iPhone and iPad. Featuring a comprehensive filter function, Vitamins & Nutrients knows the nutritional value, vitamin, mineral and trace elements of the most important foods, and provides you with that information at the touch of a button. The entire body of nutritional information is displayed in a clear and adaptable table.