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Secret Happy Hour Opens User and Business Pre-Registration

Oct 03, 2013 - Secret Happy Hour today is proud to introduce their upcoming iOS/ Android app that helps connect customers and restaurants/bars. The restaurant/bar can publish custom Secret Happy Hour specials for customers in that immediate area to cash in on. Customers get a chance to save money and discover new restaurants/bars, and restaurants/bars have a chance to gain new loyal customers. Secret Happy Hour aims to help local bars and restaurants compete with the big chains.

Secret Happy Hour Offers Customers Amazing Discounts and Specials

Jun 21, 2013 - Secret Happy Hour LLC announces the upcoming release of Secret Happy Hour for iOS, available in November of 2013. Secret Happy Hour is an app to help users find awesome happy hour specials and discounts, at favorite bars and restaurants. One of the many things that makes Secret Happy Hour unique is the fact that all of the happy hour specials users get will be unique to only people with Secret Happy Hour.