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Swipe, Swipe, Crash! Apple TV Game - Fast Moving Puzzle with EDM Score

Dec 18, 2015 - StreamSide Software, LLC, today introduces Cthulhu Beat, their latest game title for Apple TV. Cthulhu Beat is a fast moving puzzle game with an electronic dance music score - tag line "Swipe, Swipe, Crash!" The addictive gameplay and upbeat electronic music created by Elder X makes it a fun family and party game. StreamSide Software had been selected in September by Apple to receive the brand new, fourth generation Apple TV for developers in advance of its release to the public.

Have An Ex You'd Like To Hex?

Feb 17, 2014 - Indiana-based developer, StreamSide Software introduces two new apps for iOS using the Unity Engine: Hex My Ex & Hex My Ex HD. Both apps offer a tongue-in-cheek way of working through any "points of contention" you may have with your ex. It can help you get through the process of letting go by allowing you to virtually destroy your ex's photo with fire, lightning, slime & much more! You will have a blast as you get your ex out of your system! Select a photo from the camera roll or photo stream.