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July/Aug Issue of World Spa & Travel Magazine is Now Available on App

Aug 04, 2013 - World Spa & Travel is proud to present our third issue up to date, our July-August Issue. Our newest issue takes advantage of summer and all the varied travel opportunities the warm season presents. Magazine uses this issue to demonstrate how to maintain luxury while traveling with the whole family by featuring an exclusive inside to African Safaris. This issue also features the beautiful & romantic Greek Islands, covering the romanticism of Santorini all the way to the historic island of Corfu.

List of Top 100 Travel Destinations by World Spa & Travel Magazine

Jul 27, 2013 - World Spa & Travel Magazine is an all-inclusive luxury travel magazine designed for the new-aged traveler who has adopted the wellness, spa and holistic lifestyle. World Spa & travel magazine gives travelers the personal touch that is missing from the travel industry. By engaging in creating a global community, World Spa & Travel Magazine has the opportunity to promote a variety of destinations on a grand scale and deliver these promotions to people all over the world.

The May-June Edition of World Spa & Travel Magazine

Jul 14, 2013 - Immerse in the natural charm of the world's most romantic destinations as World Spa & Travel magazine guides you, almost like a mediation, across the globe in the May-June edition. World Spa & Travel is proud to introduce the new edition "The Honeymoon Escapes Issue." Picture your ideal place with the person you love the most. It dives beneath the surface of typical romantic destinations to shed light on the adventurous, luxurious, culturally and historically features unique to each destination.

World Spa and Travel Digital Edition

Jul 05, 2013 - World Spa & Travel Magazine launches a digital edition, bundling the luxury and adventure that comes with travel at the consumer's disposition - any time, anywhere. World Spa & Travel allows consumers to reconnect with nature, find adventure, attain rejuvenation, and experience authenticity while maintaining luxury throughout the entirety of their experience. The digital edition is designed in a beautiful way, capturing the essence of each destination.