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DeepInside 2 - Deep diving under OS X surface

Dec 06, 2013 - Default OS X tools for browse and search files are perfect and quite effective for 90% of everyday tasks but have substantial limitations when you like to get access to system or hidden information. Allwards Laboratory is proud to announce version 2 of DeepInside 2 for Mac. DeepInside 2 is the application for browsing and searching files over all file system, including hidden and special areas. If you would like to know more about OS X (FreeBSD) file system, DeepInside 2 is your choice!

Jolly Rummager 1.2 for OS X - Tribute to 1983 Arcade Game Digger

Aug 19, 2013 - Allwards Laboratory today announces Jolly Rummager 1.2 for OS X, an update to its arcade game that was designed as a tribute to the 1983 classic, Digger. The first high-quality resurrection of Digger in the past ten years, the game features full-screen, Retina display graphics, true cartoon animation, and stereo music and sound effects. Players four years of age or older use simple keyboard controls to guide the small green caterpillar, Jolly Rummager, as he digs free form mazes underground.