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GenArts announces Next Generation of Sapphire

Nov 26, 2009 - GenArts Inc. announced GenArts Sapphire 5. The latest software upgrade provides artists a completely interactive user experience at HD resolutions, while accelerating render speeds up to 700 percent. Support for full floating point workflows deliver true photorealistic image quality with the highest possible dynamic range. Sapphire 5 promises to markedly change the visual effects pipeline by stripping away the barriers to artists' creativity, while significantly reducing infrastructure costs.

Genarts, Inc. Acquires wondertouch

Nov 07, 2009 - GenArts has announced a definitive agreement to acquire particleIllusion and all related products and technologies from wondertouch LLC. The acquisition includes particleIllusion SE, all Emitters and Pro Emitters, particleIllusion for AE, and all additional intellectual property from wondertouch LLC. As part of the acquisition, Alan Lorence, the former CEO of wondertouch and creator of particleIllusion, will join GenArts as a full-time developer.

GenArts unveils New Version of Sapphire for Avid Avx2 Systems

Oct 26, 2009 - GenArts Inc announced today GenArts Sapphire 3.02 for Avid Systems. The upgrade extends support for Avid's AVX2 plug-in interface to Avid DS v10.2.1 and later. This improves conform compatibility with effects generated from offline and online editing systems, allowing all Avid systems to seamlessly conform to DS and Symphony systems. GenArts Sapphire 3.02 also supports floating licenses and license rentals for all Avid systems.

GenArts Expands Its Suite of Tutorials for Sapphire and Monsters Users

Aug 28, 2009 - GenArts Inc. announced today the availability of new training videos and tutorials for GenArts Sapphire and Monsters users. Available immediately, these new resources include Complete Training for GenArts Sapphire from Class on Demand, Fifteen tutorials for GenArts Sapphire for Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro, and the Monsters Companion Pack for Autodesk systems Reviewer's Guide.

GenArts Expands Sapphire Licensing Options to Include Floating Licenses

Aug 28, 2009 - GenArts Inc. announced today a floating licensing option for institutional users of GenArts Sapphire on After Effects and Final Cut Pro host systems. The eagerly awaited floating license option offers significant flexibility, along with reduced support costs and more efficient resource allocation. The new floating license option allows customers to maintain licenses on a centralized server and check them in and out to users on a local area network as they are needed.

GenArts Lowers Cost of Entry for Sapphire Visual Effects Software

Jul 11, 2009 - GenArts Inc. has announced a monthly license rental option for its flagship GenArts Sapphire visual effects software for Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro. The program is designed to offer Sapphire's entire suite of industry-leading visual effects plug-ins at an extremely affordable cost of entry, thereby providing access to a much broader range of users. GenArts Sapphire provides more than 200 state-of-the-art image processing and synthesis effects plug-ins.