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Roadmap Planner 2.1 for iOS features Sync, Collaboration and now Free

Nov 07, 2016 - KeepSolid today announces Roadmap Planner 2.1 on iOS. Version 2.1 features synchronization, collaboration, and an option to export roadmaps as PDF's or images. Roadmap Planner is a business productivity app for managers and entrepreneurs that will help users to build marketing, business development and product vision roadmap, and show off it to the team and stakeholders. Create a simple picture of the vision and development of your business and present it in a visually appealing form.

Free VPN by KeepSolid is Out on iOS

Apr 02, 2016 - KeepSolid, a security and productivity apps developer, announces the release of Free VPN 1.0 for iOS devices. This is an app to stay protected, private and anonymous online without spending a dime. When connecting to Wi-Fi networks in crowded places, like coffee shops, airports and exhibition spaces, be sure to activate Free VPN and enjoy fast, smooth and the most important safe web browsing. Users may rest assured that adversaries will have no chances to intercept their web traffic.

KeepSolid launches Roadmap Planner for OS X: An App for C-level Managers

Feb 09, 2016 - KeepSolid today introduces Roadmap Planner 1.3 for OS X, a unique app for C-level managers. Oriented towards people who plan their lives or/and businesses, Roadmap Planner was specifically designed to help anyone put together strategy, systematize goals and ideas without piles of papers or huge tables in spreadsheets. Featuring predefined templates with different color and font schemes according to user preferences, the app also includes a handy presentation mode to present ideas and plans.

Pay once: Get Forever: Infinity Subscription to VPN Unlimited for $99.99

Nov 25, 2015 - KeepSolid today announced they have lowered the price on the Infinity subscription to its key security app, VPN Unlimited. The Infinity subscription will let customers use VPN Unlimited forever without any limits. The service will protect your privacy, ensure your internet safety and anonymity, and encrypt data you send and receive. From November 25th through 30th, users can get this service for ultimate safety, security and anonymity online five times cheaper.

KeepSolid Launches A New Security App, WiFi Hotspot Protector, On iOS

Jun 15, 2015 - KeepSolid today releases WiFi Hotspot Protector 1.0, its new online protector for iOS devices. Always on guard for safety and security of users' sensitive information, WiFi Hotspot Protector helps anyone stay safe while surfing the web in airports, cafes, hotels & malls. The app scans public WiFi hotspots when connecting to them, notifies about possible security problems and guards activity and online communication. Through June 17th only, customers can get 30 days of the service free of charge.

No speed limits - watch Formula One with VPN Unlimited

Mar 11, 2015 - In anticipation of the fastest competition, Formula One World Championship, Simplex Solutions Inc. announced today they are giving away 10 additional days to all 10-day plans purchases of VPN Unlimited. VPN Unlimited is free from speed or connection limits. The service will protect your privacy, ensure your internet safety and anonymity, and encrypt data you send and receive. You can use VPN Unlimited on up to 5 devices through one account. Starting today, March 11, 2015 through March 12, 2015.

Simplex Solutions Inc. Updates and Improves Private Browser Today

Feb 25, 2015 - Simplex Solutions Inc. today announces Private Browser 1.2, an update to its secure web browser for iOS devices. Private Browser is a revolutionary browser for secure and anonymous web surfing on iOS. Ensuring your anonymity, security in public WiFi hotspots, easy VPN server access, proxy protection, with high speed Internet performance, are primary tasks of this unique free app. The update features bug fixes and improvements and is available free on the App Store now.

VPN Unlimited offers Upgraded 3.0 for More Secure Internet Surfing

Feb 16, 2015 - Simplex Solutions Inc. today announces VPN Unlimited 3.0, an update to their popular virtual private network service for iOS and Android. VPN Unlimited offers ultimate online security with powerful encryption along with high connection speed and with no restrictions. Version 3.0 sports a redesigned UI with quick access to a set of new features and easy-to-use options. A single VPN account can be used on up to 5 electronic devices of customer's choice, be it desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Simplex Solutions Inc. Brings Secure Web Surfing via Private Browser

Oct 28, 2014 - New York based Simplex Solutions Inc. today introduces Private Browser 1.0, its revolutionary new secure web browser for iOS devices. Offering integrated Proxy technology with several methods of encryption, Private Browser features a clean & functional design and ensures fast connection speeds. This unique web browsing solution is based on the VPN Unlimited stack of technologies. Reliable methods of encryption guarantee ultimate online security while ensuring completely anonymous online surfing.