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Beyond - New Secure and Simple Mac Web Server

May 06, 2018 - Miln announces the launch of Beyond for Mac. Beyond is a new web server for macOS, designed as an approachable web server offering a secure and simple experience. Every Beyond document is a web server. Opening and closing a document starts and stops a web server. Beyond supports AppleScript, Automator, drag and drop, undo and redo, and everything users expect from a macOS application.

Signpost - New Mac App for Creating and Publishing Bonjour/mDNS Records

Jan 29, 2018 - Miln announces the release of Signpost 1.0.1 for macOS. Signpost creates and publishes domain names on the local network. Designed to add and extend Bonjour support across legacy and non-Mac devices. Local domain names allow users of the network to reach other devices without knowing their Internet Protocol (IP) address. Signpost lets users attach human-friendly names to devices previously only accessibly by IP addresses.

Miln Movie Splitter: New Mac app for Canon Hybrid Auto and MPEG-4 movies

May 06, 2014 - Miln has announced the launch of Movie Splitter for Mac OS X. Movie Splitter splits movie files into smaller pieces for easier editing and sharing. The app automatically detects chapter information embedded within a movie. Designed for owners of Canon cameras with Hybrid Auto movie digest support. Movie Splitter takes full advantage of the Mac's multiple processing cores and queues up movies for splitting in the background.

Font Pestle - New Mac app for converting symbol fonts to graphics

Sep 02, 2013 - Miln has announced the launch of Font Pestle for Mac. Font Pestle converts symbol fonts into collections of individual graphics and style sheets. Ideal for web designers and those needing icons embedded with a font. Font Pestle makes it easy to convert a symbol font into collections of bitmap and vector graphics. A symbol font is a font consisting of artwork or icons. Examples of symbol fonts include Dingbats, Elusive, and Font Awesome. The font size, colours, and background can all be changed.