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xixgames announces Join the Pack - join the fun: an animals herding game

Mar 27, 2015 - xixgames announces Join the Pack, an animal herding game where you play as a shepherd dog. It features low-poly art ,easy to learn but hard to master gameplay, and lots of different mini games. The mission: explore and find, protect animals and houses, farms; avoid dangers, and more. Get the best ranking escaping birds, wolves and cute foxes. Join the Pack is available on the App Store, Amazon, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and the Windows Store.

6 Dimensions: Get mad with the physics of this videogame

Sep 06, 2013 - XIXGAMES is proud to introduce 6 Dimensions 1.0 for iOS. A set of mini-games with different mechanics and realistic physics. It requires skills such as drawing with your fingers, handle objects by touching, pressing pedals, steering ships, controlling animals and more. Your target is to complete the six worlds which are filled with tests, going from gravitational puzzles, water physics, ropes and deformables, etc., to winning races or building roads and obstacles along 66 levels.