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Checklist Pro - A Smart To-Do Application for Mac with a Design Marvel

Apr 21, 2016 - Idea2Inspire announces Checklist Pro 1.0, their to-do app for Mac OS X. It is a smart todo app where users will be able to add task for today or in the days to come. There is also option for for users to add tasks in advance for days to come. The app also provides handy basic weather stats with animated icons on top of every page for a day. users can download Checklist Pro and plan their daily schedule with 100% certainty of attending every event.

Desktop Bible Free - The Best Offline Bible App for Mac Went FREE

Apr 10, 2016 - Idea2Inspire announces the release of a new Bible App for Mac, Desktop Bible Free 1.0.1 which is currently available for free in the Mac App Store in the category of References. Desktop Bible is an easy to use offline Bible app for Mac OS X. It includes some of the salient features and tool that makes it a complete Bible study app for Mac. This free version comes with the Kings James Bible Version and every bit of Desktop Bible in terms of features and functionalities.

Tiny Agents - A New Exciting Arcade game for iPhone & iPad

Jan 25, 2016 - Witls Games announces Tiny Agents 1.0.2, their exciting arcade game for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac. It is a simple yet unique game where players bounce a white ball along with two small ones, and together they make the journey more exciting. The balls move through obstacles and break everything on their path. Try not to get close to any hurdles and break apart. The longer the player survives the more points they will get. Spend points to get special power ups.

CalendarPro for Google 2.1 - Add Events with Shortcut (CTRL+CMD+N)

Jan 10, 2016 - Idea2Inspire announce the release of CalendarPro for Google 2.1, an important update to their Google Calendar app for Mac OS X. The app allows users to access their Google Calendar inside a Mac Application layout in a fast, reliable and easy manner. This update comes with bug fixes and a few improvements, mostly keyboard shortcuts. Now users will be able to add events easily using a simple keyboard short cut (CTRL+CMD+N) with CalendarPro for Google.

Holiday VideoWall 2016 - 58 LiveWallpapers for Christmas and New Years

Dec 19, 2015 - Idea2Inspire announces the release of an update to their very popular live wallpaper app, Holiday VideoWall 1.2 2016, in the Mac App Store. Celebrate this holiday season with beautiful live wallpapers for your Mac. Holiday VideoWall has been updated with new live wallpapers for Christmas and New Years. It offers a total of 58 hand picked wallpapers for your Mac. It is the ultimate collection of some of the finest live wallpapers one would ever have in this Holiday Season.

CricLive - Mac App for Live Cricket Scores Updated With New Features

Nov 28, 2015 - Idea2Inspire announces the release of CricLive 1.2, an important update to their popular cricket score app for Mac OS X, in the Mac App Store. One of the upgrades which has been in the wish list of every user was to be able to put live score on the status menu bar. Now users can hide the dock icon and put score of a live match on the status menu bar, thus making it nearly effortless to monitor scores on the Mac. This update also includes upgrades and bug fixes.

Email for Gmail 1.2 - Gmail Client for Mac Available in Mac App Store

Nov 20, 2015 - Idea2Inspire announces Email for Gmail 1.2, the important update of their email client for Mac OS X. Email for Gmail has been designed and developed by Idea2Inspire. This application help users to access their Gmail accounts conveniently, via a familiar Mac-based app layout, making reading emails easier than in a web-based layout. Once users are logged in into the app, they can straight away go to the inbox and start working on it. The update includes bug fixes including 2nd Step Authentication.

CalendarPro for Google Updated with OS X 10.11 Support in Mac App Store

Nov 08, 2015 - Idea2Inspire announces the release of CalendarPro for Google 2.0, am important update of their very popular Google Calendar Application for Mac OS X. CalendarPro for Google is a productivity app that integrates Google Calendar into an app layout and gives an easy access to work on the Google Calendar. It is a must have app for every Mac user who wants to get quick access to their Google Calendar. Version 2.0 includes bug fixes and OS X El Capitan 10.11 optimization.

Desktop Bible 2.0 is Available After a Huge Update in the Mac App Store

Oct 29, 2015 - Idea2Inspire announces the release of Desktop Bible 2.0 for Mac OS X in the Mac App Store. Desktop Bible is an easy-to-navigate offline Bible Application for Mac with a smart UI and lots of useful features. It will allow users to dive into the sacred scriptures without all the clutter of the Internet. This update includes Speak Mode, Presentation Mode, Daily Verse, Notification Center integration and more. This is one of the major updates so far for Desktop Bible.