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Plug and Play Retail Accelerates and Invests in Augmented Pixels

Jul 11, 2014 - Silicon Valley incubator Plug and Play became an investor of Augmented Pixels. Augmented Pixels has also been selected from more than 300 companies for the Retail and Brand accelerator program. Benefits of the Plug and Play program include weekly mentor sessions with participating corporate partners and entrepreneurs; access to Plug and Play's network of investors and more. The program also provides space at Silicon Valley for 3 months so companies particating can come.

Augmented Pixels improves technology to update ShowInRoom application

Mar 21, 2014 - Augmented Pixels updates its virtual mobile catalog ShowInRoom 1.6 with the significantly improved technology for the furniture and home appliances market. ShowInRoom enables customers to virtually preview the furniture in the interior in highly realistic 3D format. The app creates an additional distribution channel for the furniture and home appliance companies. With the ability to view products in Augmented Reality at any place, ShowInRoom helps to increase both direct and distant sales.

Augmented Pixels releases MaxiKoltuk, an AR game for promo at the cinema

Mar 14, 2014 - Augmented Pixels releases MaxiKoltuk, the Augmented Reality game for promotional campaigns and user engagement at the cinemas. The game is a fun western-style AR shooter to be played before the start of the movie. The plot of the game is to shoot the bad characters to save Panda, Child and Granny. Users are challenged to earn as many points as possible in order to get free medium-size popcorn at the theatre. The built-in game analytics provide detailed data about the campaign performance.

Augmented Pixels releases ShowInRoom enabling virtual furniture shopping

Jan 11, 2014 - Augmented Pixels, one of the leading providers of mobile Augmented Reality solutions and services presents their new mobile tool ShowInRoom 1.0 for the furniture shopping. ShowInRoom for iPad provides furniture retailers, distributors and manufacturers with an Augmented Reality platform that facilitates the purchase of home or office furniture by potential customers. ShowInRoom enables customers to virtually preview the furniture in the interior in highly realistic 3D format.

Augmented Pixels releases AR technology providing best in class quality

Nov 24, 2013 - Augmented Pixels announces the availability of a new Augmented Reality technology aiming to bring high quality AR to the market. It eliminates the known issues and flows of other available technologies, such as slow tracking, unstable image tracking indoors with artificial light, limited distance to marker image etc. iOS apps based on AR technology by Augmented Pixels shows great stability and high-accuracy of image. At the moment Augmented Pixels uses the new technology for their B2B projects.

Augmented Pixels releases WarBot, an AR tool for toys and games sales

Oct 12, 2013 - Augmented Pixels is proud to announce the release of WarBot 1.1 for iPad. The Augmented Reality solution for toys and games manufacturers aiming to support an engaging shopper marketing strategy and increase sales in retail stores. WarBot is built in the format of a challenging shooter game that both kids and adults will find exciting. The game is triggered by targeting the toy's package. The player will have to fight for their virtual lives in order to win a great discount for the chosen toy.

Augmented Pixels releases ARHouse - a Pioneering AR Tool for Real Estate

Oct 03, 2013 - Augmented Pixels releases an innovative presentation solution for architects, real estate developers and realtors that showcases architectural projects in Augmented Reality to engage clients and drive sales. ARHouse solution presents architectural environment from different angles, allowing a user to experience an inside space of the building, explore every corner and get additional information about building.

Augmented Pixels releases an update to AR Basketball game Reality Hoops

Sep 29, 2013 - Augmented Pixels releases a major upgrade to its Augmented Reality Basketball game Reality Hoops. Designed in the best traditions of cyberpunk to be attractive for sport and technology fans, Reality Hoops combines the latest augmented reality technology with a classical basketball game. The game aims to bring a sport games excitement to everyday surrounding using just an iPad. Reality Hoops gives users an opportunity to enjoy basketball everywhere with a basket overlaying a real world.