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Cramzy hits 3 Million Downloads

Sep 06, 2010 - Cramzy today announces that it has reached 3 million downloads from the Apple AppStore. This huge milestone makes the company the most successful iPhone developer in Bulgaria. End of march this year the company has announced their first million downloads and today, only 5 months later, Cramzy managed to triple their success. The reason is their latest free app - The River Test - a japanese job interview test which is given to applicants for senior management positions.

18,000 COOL JOKES HD aims to be #1 in Entertainment for iPad

Aug 14, 2010 - Cramzy has released 18,000 COOL JOKES HD 1.0, a version of the best selling jokes app, designed especially for the iPad. The jokes are all funny, and some are extremely so. The app selects the next jokes based on the user's ratings compared to the other users ratings, so the more the user rates jokes the more the algorithm perfects the selection. The app is available for less than 10 hours and already is among top 10 app in Entertainment.

Type2Walk 1.0 for iPhone - Type and Walk Safely, Even in the Dark

Jul 26, 2010 - Cramzy today introduces Type2Walk 1.1, their type and walk app for the iPhone. Holding the iPhone in either portrait or landscape orientation, the app simultaneously activates the device's video camera view and iOS keyboard below it. Users may text or email, and the typed characters appear superimposed over the camera's forward view on the display, which shows where they are walking. Owners of the iPhone 4 may also activate the built-in video light to illuminate their path as they walk and type.

18,000 COOL JOKES 5.2 for iOS4 - Number 1 Joke App Adds Retina Display

Jul 13, 2010 - Bulgaria based Cramzy today announces 18,000 COOL JOKES 5.2, an update to their number one selling joke app for iOS. The update adds iOS4 compatibility, plus 2 new features: ultra-high resolution graphics when viewed on the iPhone 4 Retina Display, and Fast App Switching. Rated the number one paid joke app in the App Store, it does not require an Internet connection, includes 49 categories, random option, parental control of content, and joke length filter.

Dazzling Flashlight 4g 1.0 - High Power LED Flashlight App for iPhone 4

Jul 08, 2010 - Cramzy today announces the introduction of Dazzling Flashlight 4g 1.0, their high power, LED flashlight app for iPhone 4. With FaceTime, iPhone 4's video calling feature, Apple has incorporated a miniature LED camera light next to the video lens. The new Dazzling Flashlight 4g app allows the user to activate this light independent of any photo or video recording, creating a handy, powerful flashlight. Soft white light from the Retina display screen may be added or substituted.

Cramzy Announces New iPad App

Mar 26, 2010 - Bulgarian based software company Cramzy today announced that they've just submitted their first iPad app, Quotes Frame, for approval. Loaded with more than 23000 quotes from movies and celebrities, Quotes Frame offers the biggest quotes collection. Perfect for the office, shop, parties, and social gatherings, Quotes Frame is sure to raise the mood. All quotes are contained within the database and placed on the device, so the application does not require users to have an internet connection.

Bulgarian Developer Cramzy Reaches One Million iPhone Downloads

Mar 22, 2010 - Bulgarian based Cramzy is proud to announce it has reached one million iPhone downloads, advancing it towards its goal of becoming the number one iPhone developer in the Balkan country of 7.6 million. Co-founder Iliya Yordanov, age 25, attributes the company's success to their design process. They advocate the use of the same stringent logic in app design as in app coding. Cramzy's most popular app, 18,000 Cool Jokes, is in the Top 50 Downloads and Top 100 Gross Profits in the US App Store.

Cramzy releases Experimenter 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

Jan 19, 2010 - Cramzy today is very proud to announce the release of Experimenter 1.0 for iPhone and iPod devices. Experimenter features 14 home science experiments which everyone can easily perform at home. You will not need any special equipment or ingredients, but mostly stuff you can buy from the local supermarket. The title stands for those who decide to try the experiments and have fun themselves. The footage you will see teaches you step-by-step how to perform physics and chemistry experiments.

Cramzy releases Ananga Ranga 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

Jan 05, 2010 - Cramzy today is proud to announce Ananga Ranga 1.0, their new kamasutra app for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Originally created each position in Ananga Ranga was represented by beautiful and detailed 3D models. Ananga Ranga represents 50 of the best sex positions, each of them tested and rated by a member of Cramzy's core team. For each posture one can see 3 angles of the position, informative description and rating. The rating can be easily changed when one tries the posture him or herself.