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PressOK Entertainment Launches PlacePlay Ads

Nov 15, 2011 - PressOK Entertainment, Inc. announces hyper-local mobile ad solution working in conjunction with PlacePlay location-based engagement features boosts iOS developer revenue; Locally targeted advertising results in up to 10 times higher eCPMs than existing ad networks; 100 percent revenue share to first 25 developers who launch with PlacePlay Ads. PlacePlay Ads provide up to 10 times higher eCPMs than traditional ad networks. PressOK has positioned itself as the ideal partner for iOS developers.

PressOK Entertainment Launches Mobile Gaming Platform PlacePlay

Jul 23, 2011 - PressOK Entertainment, Inc. has announced PlacePlay, a new location-enablement platform that connects mobile game developers, players, and local advertisers. PlacePlay drives gamer engagement and revenue for developers; Localized targeting creates high eCPMs for developers and new opportunities for mobile advertisers; Public beta now open to iOS developer community at large. PlacePlay Tournaments, the platform's flagship toolset, enables developers to easily add location-enhanced tournaments.

PressOK Entertainment Brings Bumper Stars to iPhone and iPod touch

Jul 15, 2009 - PressOK Entertainment and Large Animal Games today announce the release of Bumper Stars Mobile. Using Facebook Connect, Bumper Stars Mobile combines mobile and social networking capabilities and gives over 40 million iPhone and iPod Touch users the ability to play one of the most popular Facebook games either solo or against their friends. With more than 200 million active users, Facebook is the fourth- most trafficked website in the United States.