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Free Drip-marketing Toolkit to Kick Start Your Campaigns

Jul 10, 2013 - Spider Trainers has put together a Drip-marketing Toolkit designed to help marketers launch a program that will bolster their entire marketing effort and ensure a return on investment, even when resources are at a premium. If you've invested in marketing automation and have yet to achieve a return on your investment, this toolkit will help you to deploy an automated drip program that will identify prospects, segment leads for nurturing, and measure sales readiness.

Understand and Benefit from Marketing Metrics

Apr 12, 2013 - Free, downloadable eBook details marketing data to collect, how it is collected, what it means, and how to calculate meaningful financial indicators. Marketing Metrics provides information for Mac-based designers, Unix-based web programmers, Windows-based CFOs, and more. Spider Trainers makes analytics simple and easy-to-understand in this eBook. Available as a free download, Marketing Metrics guides readers through the process of analyzing digital and traditional marketing campaign engagement.

Free White Paper on Designing Successful Targeted Landing Pages

Apr 11, 2013 - Available as a free download, Targeted Landing Pages: Using web pages to improve marketing conversion rates offers readers insights into the designing nuances of convincing landing pages. Targeted landing pages are web pages that are different from, and in addition to, company websites. They contain detailed information about a marketing offer or message. A great landing page design makes a compelling argument for why visitors should join the ranks of the converted.

New Automated Email Marketing eBook Touts Just-in-Time Marketing

Apr 10, 2013 - Colorado based Spider Trainers, today announces its new eBook, Automated Email Marketing: Using triggered email to put your company in the right place at the right time, is now available as a free download. The eBook describes how businesses can be more efficient at reaching out to leads and prospects at a time that is most relevant to them by using the latest tool in marketing initiatives, Mac or Windows-based automated marketing software.

Spider Trainers Publishes The Power of Print (in Marketing) Free eBook

Mar 12, 2013 - For printers, designers, & marketers alike, Spider Trainers has just published its new eBook, The Power of Print (in Marketing): Using print to bolster a multi-touch marketing campaign. Readers will learn about various print vehicles that can be used within cross-media campaigns. Available as a free download, The Power of Print uses stats, facts, and best practices to dispel the myths that print is an under-performing vehicle and points to the successes documented by companies around the world.

Lange Graphics Offers Free Creative Hell Poster for Mac Designer

Sep 05, 2012 - Lange Graphics is offering a free poster titled, Trapped in Creative Hell, a tongue-in-cheek look at the trials and tribulations of the design and creative process. The 18" X 24" full-color poster begins with a marketing director convincing the CEO that they need rebranding and help from an outside design firm. The poster commiserates with Mac designers, pokes fun at the design process, and takes a jab at how everyone wants to get in the act but only get in the way.

Successful Web Marketing for Small Businesses

May 07, 2010 - Colorado-based C Shaffstall & Son, LLC, today is pleased to announce Small-business Guide to Winning at Web Marketing, a new book on the Why, What, How, Who, and When of web marketing for the small business and entrepreneur. Web marketing is a lot like playing pinball. With the small-business guide to web marketing you'll learn the game basics, some strategy, and a few tricks, but mastering pinball - web marketing - will depend entirely on how long you can keep the ball in play.

New site collects and displays the world's vote and daily tallies

Jul 16, 2009 - If you want to be heard, visit any social or news site right now and look for a polling question. Everyone is polling: CNN, Yahoo, ESPN, Facebook, or nearly any social media site. With so many questions, you'd assume we'd have a lot more answers. Today's POV is in pursuit of such answers and set to launch 31 July 2009. With live pre-registration already enabled, visitors can sign up now and be among the first to be heard.