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New SingTrue iPhone app teaches even the 'tone deaf' to sing in tune

Oct 23, 2014 - A new iPhone app called SingTrue was released and promises to teach anybody to sing in tune accurately and reliably - even if they think they are "tone deaf". The app has been developed by London-based music education technology company Easy Ear Training, following their successful Tone Deaf Test project which showed that just 2% of people are truly tone deaf. With the new SingTrue app the company hopes to reach the other 98% and help them discover their voice to become a confident singer.

Largest Ever Musical Ear Training Library Now Available As A Free App

Nov 10, 2013 - Music education technology company Easy Ear Training has today released an enormous library of ear training information for musicians in a free app for iPhone and iPad. These resources cover every aspect of developing your musical ear, from the basics of pitch and singing in tune, through classic topics like intervals and chords, to the most desirable skills like creative improvisation and playing by ear. Musicians have convenient access to a vast library of ear training information.