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Petri: Apple TV's first local mass multiplayer game is now available

Nov 02, 2015 - Ibidex today announces Petri for Apple TV, a local multiplayer game using smartphones as controllers. Petri is available to play with up to 22 players, making it the first mass multiplayer game for the new Apple TV. Using Ibidex's unique multiplayer technology, players use the free universal Ibidex controller app to join the game. The new Apple Remote is also used as a game controller. Apple TV and Petri form the perfect partnership for entertaining friends and family in your living room.

Ibidex release Petri on the Mac App Store

Aug 24, 2015 - UK based Ibidex today introduces Petri 0.8 for Mac OS X, a local multi-player shooting game using smartphones as controllers. Suitable for all ages, Petri is available to play with up to 16 players. Running on the Ibidex platform, Petri and Ibidex combine to provide the most chaotic maelstrom of fun imaginable. Using Ibidex's unique multi-player connectivity, anyone with the free universal Ibidex iOS or Android controller app can join the game.