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Beetle Puzzle - 33 ways to stretch your mind and have fun

Mar 01, 2014 - Royal Tern Software, Inc. today introduces Beetle Puzzle 1.0, its new puzzle game for iOS devices. With 33 puzzle pieces to solve, Beetle Puzzle starts with simple puzzle pieces and then challenges you more and more as you keep solving. Each puzzle piece has some Beetles arranged on a board with some vacant slots. You remove a Beetle by moving another Beetle over it onto a vacant slot. Continue to play until you win or there are no more moves to play.

How intuitive are you? Use this App and find out your Intuition Score

Jan 11, 2014 - Royal Tern Software, Inc. today introduces Intuition Score 1.0, its new lifestyle app developed exclusively for iOS devices. Intuition Score helps you to learn how you can focus and relax your mind so that the subconscious mind starts working for you at your request. This App trains your abilities to get a hunch from your subconscious mind at your request so you can use its full potential to help improve your choices and success factors in life.

Beetle Trap: A Fun Puzzle Game that makes you Think, Focus and Remember

Nov 30, 2013 - Beetle Trap is a free puzzle game for the iPhone, iPod and iPad for all age groups. There are 7 levels with a Challenge to be conquered in each. You need to play your moves to end with a Game Board having a particular number of Beetles as per the Challenge. Hundreds of possible move combinations make it interesting to play and win. Beetles are awarded for winning which becomes part of your collection. It has other fun features such as your Beetle Collection Gallery, Leaderboards & Achievements.