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iPliable Provides Entertaining Gem-Busting Action on the iPhone

Mar 06, 2019 - Paris-based indie development team Smartphone Pliable announces iPliable 1.0, their challenging new gem-busting game for iOS and Android devices. Based on an original Mac game called Snap, iPliable challenges players to bust gems with the help of a metallic ball. Players drag, aim, pull, and release the ball, sending it flying into the air to land on the board to clear gems. Clear as many gems as possible before the board fills to the top to beat the highest score.

Anchorium 1.0 introduced for OS X - Free SEO App

Mar 10, 2015 - Paris based SitePenalise today introduces Anchorium 1.0, a free SEO app for Mac OS X. The key in strengthening the position of websites is understanding how search engine bots analyzes them. Anchorium demystifies the world of search engine optimization by looking at and analyzing inbound linking on websites. Presenting users information in easy-to-understand terms, Anchorium clearly shows the importance of website links and their relationship to their own websites.

Manomaya SAS Offers Free Widget to Export iOS App Comments and Ratings

Mar 12, 2014 - Paris-based developer, Manomaya SAS today introduces its "iTunes Ratings & Comments" widget for Wordpress. This free plug-in allows users to display ratings and comments from the App Store directly onto the user's Wordpress blog. After developing their popular visual guitar teaching app, Coach Guitar 2.0 for iOS, Manomaya SAS were disappointed to discover there was no way to pull out iTunes comments or ratings to display on their website. As a result, they have developed this Wordpress plug-in.

Coach Guitar - Learn to play guitar without theory or tabs

Dec 20, 2013 - Paris based developer, Manomaya SAS today announces Coach Guitar 2.0.1 for iOS, an update to its visual guitar teaching app. Coach Guitar is solely based on a visual method so users can learn how to play popular songs on their acoustic guitar without knowledge of either music theory or tablature. Recorded in HD format, each lesson is comprised of videos and an animated fretboard that shows right and left-handed users how to play a song step-by-step.