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Conference Dialer - Join a Meeting or Conference Call by Mobile?

Sep 29, 2014 - Independent developer, Rony Ronen, announces Conference Dialer was released for iOS. Conference Dialer is a simple to use dialling tool for users, especially tailored to those who join in conference calls from their mobile device. Users can select a meeting and tap it to start the auto dial into the conference call. Conference Dialer enables users to modify the conference sequence number and save it for later use, plus store up to ten different call sequence numbers to be used as a speed dial.

ReplyAll Launches App To Help You Manage Better Your Meetings on iOS

Mar 21, 2014 - ReplyAll announces the launch of a new release of the ReplyAll iPhone application. The free iPhone app gives users what they are currently missing on their iOS device. ReplyAll provides users a tool to manager their meetings with ease. Users can see all their meetings, can share them via email or SMS in seconds, and can also join a conference call using the Auto Dial Conference Call feature. ReplyAll helps users manage their meetings using their devices.

ReplyAll - Meeting Management and Auto Dial Conference - App Review

Mar 09, 2014 - ReplyAll, the new iPhone app is now even better with all new features and enhancements. The app features a completely flat, colorful interface that can be customized to your flavor. It organizes your meetings in chronological order, and sets your upcoming meetings first, so you can quickly see what is on your day. There are more options which allow replying with a customized message. ReplyAll also allows you to quickly searching for a meeting.

ReplyAll, Reply and Forward your Meetings from your iPhone, is now Free

Jan 28, 2014 - Ever wanted to forward your meetings from your iPhone? What about replying to the meeting organizer? Unfortunately, this can't be done with the native calendar app. Rony Ronen, app developer, announced that ReplyAll 1.3.0 is free to try in the App Store. ReplyAll is a feature-rich iOS application that allows users to manage their meetings from their iOS device. When a user taps an event the app opens the event details page where they can reply, reply to all or forward the event.

ReplyAll, Manage your Meetings on the iPhone, available on the App Store

Jan 13, 2014 - Ever wanted to forward your meetings from your iPhone? What about replying to the meeting organizer? Indie developer Rony Ronen is proud to announce the app ReplyAll 1.2.4 has being added to the Apple App Store. ReplyAll app allows business user to reply to all meeting attendees by email or forward their meetings to a new invitee as well as replying by SMS to the meeting organizer filling the gap of inability to do so from the native Calendar app. Users can use the app to join call conference.