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Early English Platform Lingokids to Reach 30,000 Kids in Japan

Sep 22, 2016 - The Edtech startup Monkimun is launching a campaign to over 30k families in Japan to promote Lingokids, its cornerstone ELL platform for kids, thanks to a new initiative with Shonan Seminar, Japan's premier tutoring school network. Lingokids is an early English immersion course for kids 6 years old and under based on natural learning through play and affective computing. Japan-based SZIV has the mission to fund and create systems that will change the way the world learns.

In Its First Year Monkimun Provides 10 million Language Lessons to Kids

Apr 29, 2015 - Monkimun today announced that in the last six months there were more than a million downloads of its unique language learning apps and more than 10 million lessons delivered in the last year, making Monkimun apps a top go-to solution for language learning for young children. To date, Monkimun's six apps have earned seven high profile industry awards and nearly 4,500 five-star reviews from parents delighted their children are learning English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

New Children's Fun App Monki Home Helps Children Become Multilingual

Apr 15, 2015 - Monkimun today introduces Monki Home 1.0 for iOS, a new language learning app that makes it easy for children, ages two-to-six, to become bilingual. Monki Home harnesses the importance of children's daily routines and incorporates familiar words and actions related to their home life to make the learning process easier. Children interact with five cute and funny animals, the stars of Monki Home, to simulate everyday actions. The app consists of 11 activities divided into four mini-games.

Monki Shake It Kids' Language Learning App Wins Prestigious NAPPA Award

Apr 10, 2015 - Monkimun today announced that Monki Shake It, its unique language learning app, has won a prestigious National Parenting Publications Awards silver award for product innovation, attention to quality, and educational value. Monkimun's technology uniquely targets children ages two-to-six, during the time when their brains are at their most flexible and cognitively suited to learning a second language. The award recognizes Monki Shake It as a standout among other available software for children.

Monkimun Lands $1M Funding For Pre K Adaptive Language Learning Platform

Mar 31, 2015 - California based Monkimun today announced it landed $1M in seed funding to expand its adaptive learning platform and apps portfolio. Six months after coming out of beta, Monkimun surpasses 1 Million organic downloads, and now has hundreds of thousands of children relying on it monthly for language learning. Its technology uniquely targets children ages two to six, during the time when their brains are at their most flexible stage and cognitively suited to learning a second language.

Monkimun releases Monki Shake It - a fun language-learning app for kids

Jan 16, 2015 - Today Monkimun, the Google's 2014 award-winning startup that builds language learning games for children, continues its Monki line launching Monki Shake It for kids 2-6 years old. The app has four different lessons disguised as mini-games and one test to evaluate the skills acquired. As they are learning, kids receive awards they can keep in a fun tree-house. The app will be available for Android and Kindle soon. Monki Shake It is available in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Monkimun launches new language-learning app for kids

Aug 28, 2014 - Today Monkimun announces Monki Birthday Party for iOS devices. Monki Birthday Party consists of four mini-games related to birthday parties. Kids will learn new words such as numbers, shapes, colours and how to form simple sentences. The app can be used to reinforce a child's mother tongue or to introduce the sounds and structure of a second language. Monki Birthday Party is fun and at the same time turns language-learning into a fun experience for kids.

Monki Chinese Class 1.1 Released - Chinese Learning Mobile App For Kids

Jun 18, 2014 - Madrid based game studio, Monkimun today introduces Monki Chinese Class 1.1 for iOS, the first free app in their new line of products "Monki Class." Monki Chinese Class was conceived to help every child learn how to trace basic Mandarin Chinese through a fun system that sustains motivation. Each word is represented by an illustration and accompanying animations and sound effects which help kids absorb the lesson. Children can play, be engaged and entertained.

Monki Animal Builder - Connecting Kids around the World

Mar 26, 2014 - Madrid based game studio, Monkimun today introduces Monki Animal Builder 1.0, its latest educational app for kids 4+ years old. Kids combine different animated body parts and accessories to bring new fantasy animals to life. Small children can then share their animal creations online, enabling those from other countries to play with them. Monki Animal Builder features over 30 animated body parts, 6 different shapes with more than 15 accessories and so much more.